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Just little bits about my day-to-day life and other things apart from work.

February 19. 2024

Without foreground there is no middle ground.

Nearly there

February 18. 2024

Move up not move on

A perfectly suitable painting that just did not inspire so I obliterated it in one session

February 5. 2024

Returned from my dealer to remedy a problem

A hapeth of tar

February 1. 2024

Causeway Head

Starting a painting

January 31. 2024

Winter painting can get stale if you're not bold

Rip it up and start again

January 20. 2024

Acrylic Painting

Painting in acrylic

November 13. 2022

Playing the Blues

I need a musical break

September 8. 2022

Finding new ideas and subject matter


It keeps going....

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