My Basic Colour Palette

My good friend Phil bought me this painting box off the cuff and out of the blue and it is my new invaluable piece of kit.

I have two tables in my studio . The messy table and the clean one with my paint box.

In my paint box are my most trusted tubes of paint,my basic colours. 

I'll change these when I want to paint brighter paintings,they can be found on the messy table. But when I want to get down and dirty. These are my colours neatly preserved and waiting in my box. 
They are. 

Winsor and Newton Student Quality large tubes

Titanium White , Ivory Black 

Windson and Newton Artist Quality

Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna,Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre ,Raw Siena.. Chromium of Oxide Green, Prussian Blue. Lemon Yellow.Cadmium Orange and Cadmium Red and a back up Permanent Rose 


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