Sam Furneaux


Sam is the main developer of this site. He is currently in charge of site and server maintenance, SEO optimization, social media management, troubleshooting and further development of this site.

Sam is the son of Alan Furneaux and works as a freelance language teacher and web developer, travelling around the world giving his lessons and working on web development projects. 

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Tobias Bujok 


Toby is a professional freelance web developer from Germany and a personal friend of Sam. Just like Sam, he is also a digital nomad. He is currently living in the South of Spain, in the beautiful mountains of the Alpujarras. 

Credit goes to Toby for the development of his standard installation, which this website is built upon. 

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Josefine Birk


Credit goes to Josefine for her wonderful photographs of Cornwall with which this website is full of. 

Josefine is a freelance photographer and law student at the University of Freiburg in Southern Germany. She loves natures and has a natural talent for taking soulful and eye-catching photographs.

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