The capital city of this wonderful nation called the United Kingdom


About the town

I used to live in London so I know it quite well and I like the area around Westminster right in the centre of the city with the Houses of Parliament and the broad walks, the boats, the cafés, the people and the River Thames and the whole majesty of this ancient city. Indeed, I don’t get up there as much as I used to but I still like to paint it from memory and imagination.


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Oil painting is a slow process because you have to wait and be patient when adding layers it is however worth the wait as the finished results are worth it.


Gouache is bright and strong and is great for working out doors for fresh immediate results and is easy to transport and work with and that's why I just I love it


I like to take acrylic painting out with me when I am plain air painting but only occasionally as I now paint mainly in oil. I love acrylic and I also love oil

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