Starlight Mount Silkscreen Print Edition of 25


Year: 2023
Size: 20x16""
Price: £220
Bitcoin Price: ₿ 0.0053

A collectors Silkscreen Print 20 x 16 inches image 16 x 12 inches .Edition of 25 with 5 Artist Proofs Made by D’Silva Editions of Cornwall This Print is on Somerset Soft White Paper and took 48 seperations to complete. The big difference between this and my other prints is that this is a handmade crafted piece made by a skilled craftsman in David D’Silva. Because I have a solid footprint on the re sale market including sales at Bonhams in London is has a real value . I am very pleased to offer this lovely print of St Michaels Mount with its starry sky at night .

Shipping to the UK is £30 via courier or Aardvark Art services if is oversized eg 30 x 40 inches. Overseas. Please contact me for an estimate Silkscreen prints Uk £9.50 Rest of the world £25.

As a general rule, I like to use a white St Ives-style tray frame. These work well with my work The painting would go to my framer and they would send it out via courier to you if you are in the UK. They usually have a two-week turnaround. If you prefer to do your framing please let me know. My prices include this frame so I would deduct the price of the frame.

I like to use Direct Bank Transfer and I will email you details of this. On some paintings listed, I also will accept Bitcoin. I would expect full payment before the painting is sent out. If for any reason there are problems, payment will be reversed once I have received the painting at the buyers cost ,which to date fingers crossed has not so far happened.




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